IS30240 – WEEK 10


This week was completely devoted to the final presentation. I have yet to mention what my final DigiMedia project is on in this blog so here it is, ‘The growth of social media and technology’. Im going to  be using predominantly info-graphics, photos and a podcast as my compiled media. I feel this class was vital for all in attendance as she went through how to effectively plan for a presentation and ensure that you avoid waffling. I am a little concerned with the timing element but will have to practice and write a script to make sure i deliver every slide clearly and appropriately. One thing i often waste time on is the physical design of the presentation, constantly changing animations and transitions rather then focusing on the clarity of the content. The last thing we want is ‘Death by PowerPoint’ so we were provided with some design tips which i think should be applicable to every presentation you do: (1) Consistency, (2) Simple Design, (3) Readable Font, (4) Avoid Clutter, (5) Dark Font, Light Background


And what use is a well prepared presentation without excellent delivery. Tone, pitch and volume are just a few factors that must be conquered if you want to effectively deliver your message or story. Try keeping one idea per slide too, you don’t want to have your audience overthinking or scrambling to take down information. When it comes to answering questions its vital that you don’t let out gibberish and answer them as briefly and concisely as possible. Paraphrase the question before answering and if you don’t know it, just say you’re not sure, its much better to be honest and say “I will try find that out for you” rather then pretending to know the real answer and wasting valuable time. So that’s pretty much it, practice WILL make perfect.I will be working on my presentation in the lab today and it will be posted along with a more in depth description of what its about and how i made it in the final week of the semester.



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