IS30240 – WEEK 9


This weeks class focused on the controversial topic of copyright. I never realized how thin the line between ‘right to privacy‘ and ‘right to free expression‘ really is, how are you supposed to know   what content is fair game and what is crossing legal boundaries? There has been confusion over how much derivative works can stray away from their original counterparts for centuries such as  Bernard Shaw’s famed Pygmalion which became the revised version, My Fair Lady.


 In an ideal world I think id have to side with the driving forces behind the fair-use of content like Kim Schmitz from or Kirby Ferguson of ‘‘ who believe that the realms of creativity are constantly being recycled and that any material that is on the internet should be open to anybody. Of course this probably isn’t sustainable and would cause major commotion amongst writers, musicians whilst bankrupting some lawyers, but it would be interesting to see it in place at some point in time.

Up until about two years ago  i thought it was myth that people actually ‘paid’ for their music and film. I had no idea until class on Friday that there exists a collection of creation common signs, almost like road signs that warn people when it is illegal to use or download specific content. Here’s a list of them and how they work together, but all i know is im going to continue getting my music for as free as possible. Its all about the challenge!



For our lab exercise this week we had to go back over our blogs from the past 9 weeks and ensure that we have given credit wheres credits due so ive compiled a list of the copyright material that’s been used in my blogs, you can check them out below.

Week 9 

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6 

Week 5 

Week 4 

Week 3 

Week 2 

Week 1

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