IS30240 – WEEK 8


Video editing is no longer a skill that only a select few can do, its becoming a must have asset when it comes to the publication of digital media. In class last Friday we watched a short YouTube video about the basics of video composition. The information/rules suggested were rather similar to that of the digital photography video we watched last week which gives me some comfort if i decide to use a video in my final presentation. Even more surprising to myself is that i watched the 39:00min! video we were instructed to watch straight after our class. ( which i may mention again is on a Friday evening). It was about the fundamentals of cinematography starring film veteren Richard Michalak. One thing that particularly stood out to me was just how effective long/wide lenses are at distorting an image, it is only once you see them side by side do you see the full extent of the contortion.

Cinematography Learn from a Master   YouTube

Im a windows user but have never used windows movie maker and im only slightly familiar with iMovie so i was open to trying out YouTube’s editor even if you can only CC videos, audio and images and WeVideo. My first attempt was with YouTube editor is embedded below. Don’t ask me why it ended up being like the opening monologue to some cheesy US crime show.

Now onto WeVideo. It  was very easy to navigate but lacked features like the ability to put different soundtracks on different parts of the videos and when i published the video a ‘WeVideo’ watermark remained on the video. The permitted upload quantity was quite low too. But i cant complain, the free trial has plenty for beginners to start editing/creating videos. We had to use our own content for WeVideo so i just uploaded some videos from my time in Colorado last year. Enjoy!

Honestly, from out lectures over the past 8 weeks i have found the practical aspect of video editing to be the most enjoyable task. It really incorporated together what we learned in photography, the legitimacy of content and podcasting. I believe that our 50 minute lab last Friday lab will be prove to be extremely valuable in the future as video editing becomes a more mundane capability in the ever expanding digital age.



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