IS30240 – WEEK 7


Digital photography and photo editing now plays a huge role in our lives as we become even more reliant on Social Media. We began by discussing the various types of cameras that are out there, you’ve got your compacts, bridges, the more advanced DSLRs and my preferred  choice (purely down to financial reasons) the camera phone. Basically the difference between these is their amount of features. For instance a DSLR will trump the majority of other models on its aperture ability and depth of field capabilities primarily down to how advanced their lens are.


Shutter speed is vital when it comes to controlling the amount of light entering the lens. I always see these photos of citys at night with white and red car lights streaming through the streets. I was ignorant to the fact that photographers actually sit with their cameras on a tripod for five or six hours with the lens open to absorb all the light rather then just editing a cityscape on some cool Photoshop software.


All these factors including mega-pixels, reciprocity and ISO / ASA / DIN help contribute towards a photos composition. I was never really aware of how much premeditated thought goes into photos. Its amazing that after just one lecture i find myself noticing converging lines, using the rule of thirds and searching for repetition for interesting anomalies.

I have used the majority of the photo editing sites (GIMP / Pixlr / Picasa) our lecturer discussed prior the lecture so i was looking forward to start editing in the lab.

Online Photo Editor   Pixlr Editor   Autodesk Pixlr

I unfortunately don’t have a fantastic phone camera so chose to edit a photo from my pictures library, but i did take the original photo which is see above.

The first edit I made was to make it look old fashioned (1940’s era).


My second edit was to make it resemble twilight.


And the third edit was just me fooling around with basically any image processing tool Pixlr had.



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