IS30240 – WEEK 6


In class we focused on Social Data Analysis and Visualization. We were shown some really cool info-graphics in class. Some that looked more like a view through a telescope into the night sky rather then communities on Twitter, others that looked like a spiders web or an Infrared heat map and some that resembled a psychedelic print. We observed the capacity at which people were tweeting “Happy New Years” be it as ‘bonne annee’, ‘feliz ano novo’ or ‘新年快乐’.

Then we looked at social media activity surrounding the Indian election and the Irish marriage referendum, (#yes!), these show just how influential social media can be in modern political issues. I feel we as a species have become immune to how quick and easy it is to share information and have our say surrounding global issues. Especially the younger generations who are born with iPads rather than coloring books, they seem to observe the world purely through a phone screen or Instagram lens.I hope that this ‘Digital Revolution’ helps more people, particularly the youth become more aware and more active towards global issues in the future. They have the gift of exposure. One obvious thing i noticed about the Indian election info-graphic is the lack of network activity in Africa.

India s election  2014 so far on Twitter

This is not only a map of network activity, its a map of global development. Language and distance barriers are trampled in our desire to seek  new and old information.

But by far the info-graphic that I found to be the most captivating was that of the US in which a heat map was used to track homophobic tweets. It basically showed a divide straight down the middle of the country, liberal/conservative.Also for the YES campaign in Ireland we were able to analyze the most used tags such as ‘today’ or ‘voted. After seeing these unique and quirky ways to analyse data i was anxious to get using one of the tools such as NodeXL, Gephi or Netlytic ( the one we actually used).

Lets find out about the election..

Here are my Network and Text analysis for my #ge16 that i used in my Storify last week.


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