IS30240 – WEEK 5


I had no idea how easy it is to source information online, its quite scary actually. I mean when 99% of Irish journalists use social media professionally and 79% in the US its only right for people to be educated about how to verify content. Between hoaxes, propaganda and edits how can we really be sure about the authenticity of our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. Don’t just take my word for it ask Rita Krill who lives at 6468 Marbella Dr, Naples, Florida, (Est Home Value :$522k) and phone#: (239) 331-7395. Should I really know this information about a girl who simply posted a video on YouTube? and what point do we begin to question how public our lives really are? 6468 Marbella Dr   Google Maps.png

There are a ridiculous amount of tools for monitoring streams. We have Twitter, tweet deck, spundge and trendsmap just to name a few. Trendsmap is a platform that highlights the trending topics that are occuring around the world.In the screenshot below is what was trending in Ireland on the 1st of March.

Real time local Twitter trends   Trendsmap

As expected it was Ireland with riddled with election hashtags and some local banter. Following being introduced to the trendsmap site we were given the task of creating a ‘Storify’ feed. Here’s mine discussing the current election (#ge16).

You can check it out here:





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