IS30240 – WEEK 4


We were introduced to Rachel Cook for this week’s class. The topic of discussion, Pod-casting. I have never really used any podcast software like ‘Audacity’ or ‘Podomatic’ but knew that it was vital in the creation of digital media. Plus it will also help me with the multimedia section  within our final project. Its funny how we all use audio devices and recording tools but really are completely clueless when it comes to the compression of audio and why we hear what we hear.As I write this i can count three devices on my desk that support audio files of various formats.We’re completely oblivious to what effects our sound quality. It turns out there’s quite a few factors that affect the fidelity. The three core formats are WAV, AIFF and OGG Vorbis.audiocompression


Now don’t get me wrong, (like the majority of people) I still see random letters in a certain order, but now feel like i can grasp the basic information when it comes to reading about audio file formats. For instance when I’m next shopping for a new speaker or headphones and one of the ‘Geek Squad’ mentions perceptual coding i will no longer stare blankly at him/her because i now know its simply a method used to reduce the amount of data needed to produce a higher quality of sound.So then i began to podcast. After playing around with Audacity for a while i eventually got the hang of it but had some problems trying to dampen the background noise. I looked up some useful YouTube tutorial videos about how to navigate Audacity, (id recomendad anyone starting out with Audacity to do this).Its pretty amazing that after only a 5 min video you can attain a novice understanding of this foreign software . In this podcast i just breakdown the syllabus for our class.

I decided to use Soundcloud as the base to publish my first podcast purely because i use the site daily for my music. After recording my piece on Audacity it was simple to upload on Soundcloud.

Unfortunatly the mic on my laptop is old and not as acute at picking up direct sound like some of the instruments we discussed in class. I hope to have a decent headset for when i record again, but it was good to get started.


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