IS30240 – Week 3


In class this week we began discussing HTML and CSS. HTML is the  language of the web. There are several online applications such as Mozilla Thimble, Dreamweaver, Kompozer and Google Web Designer which support html and really help when it comes to designing a website compared to the barbaric task of coding the entire site on notepad. HTML dictates the content of a webpage. The headings, paragraphs, embedded videos, images and text layout. But CSS (cascading style sheets) are used to change color of the backgrounds, edit fonts and styles of the text, say if you wanted to have your text aligned on the right side of the webpage or have different color headings.


I have had some practice with both html and css in different modules but was never aware of the level of detail that goes into sharing information efficiently. It was interesting to learn about the f-pattern that we inherently use to track information on the screen. It is only then you realize the amount of research and development that goes into making content more legible and readable.

For the lab section of the class we began using Codecademy which is an online site that you can use to make a website. After having to use Notepad i was really impressed with Codecademy’s layout and teaching methods. The interface is clean and provides you with a step by step guide on how to build a website. We were only instructed to  complete the introductory course for the duration of the class but im glad that we have to continue on ourselves at home. This is becoming more and more of a vital skill for people to have as the web continues to grow at an almost scary pace.


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