IS30240- Week 2


For today’s class we focused on website design and layout. This of course meant re-visiting The Gestalt Principles. They’re essentially the simple principles which states that every stimulus is perceived in its most simple form. The core areas are in this class are figure, similarity, proximity, closure, good continuation and symmetry. I never really realized how much development and thought goes into websites in order to respect the users tolerance and best match their preferences. These principles are vital for effective communication and provide some sort of order for the information. Leading on form this i wanted to improve my new blog for readers so we taught ourselves how to set our new wordpress to automatically proofread content when: a post or page is first published and when a post or page is updated. I didn’t realize the full extent of the features on wordpress and im still learning, but already feel like i have a greater grasp of blogging after two weeks.




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